Nichola Ashcroft

Nichola Ashcroft

An experienced manager based in Salisbury, Wiltshire.
Specialist in leadership, training, crisis management, business continuity and business resilience.

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Engaging and eloquent with high energy and drive - a talented leader.

Experienced at managing highly skilled, intelligent teams and getting the very best from them. Nicky speaks with passion and conviction, is determined and professional and thoroughly committed to delivering the very highest standards in any role taken on. This is evidenced in the significant cost savings and performance improvements delivered in each management role held to date.

Nichola Ashcroft

Individual Reviews/Hearings

  • Training Review
  • Disciplinary Hearing
  • Grievance Hearing

Your business will have appropriate processes to deal with members of staff who have issues, whether with their own performance or with behaviours of others around them in the workplace.

When necessary, the time required to complete these processes properly is often difficult to find without hindering the 'day job' and must necessarily come from the management levels - an expensive cost in hours, business impact and salary. They can also be fraught with issues of conflict of interest and the need for absolute impartiality.

By using an external specialist to complete the review or hearing phases for you, the high cost and business impact elements can be significantly reduced whilst showing your business to have a forward thinking proactive attitude to the needs of your staff and their trade unions. These highly emotive but necessary processes can be completed with the minimum distress, the highest standards and unquestionable impartiality.


For individual training reviews, disciplinary hearings and grievance hearings

1000 (plus expenses if outside 40 mile radius of base) and includes:

  • Off site review of case history and completed investigations/reviews.
  • 1 day onsite - case hearing and associated interviews as required.
  • Report with recommendations for action tailored to your business structure and viable options (delivered within 1 week of the hearing date).

Business Process Assessments and Proposals

  • Training Process Review
  • Crisis Management Process Review

Gain a new and fresh point of view of your business processes from an external specialist and a set of proposals for change or improvement.

Reviewing your own processes and implementing actions for change in each business planning phase can reap huge benefits in your business efficiency. Occasionally however, it can help to have a fresh and unbiased view of these processes and some new ideas for change to reinvigorate your business, staff and environment.


The size and detail of your business, along with your specific requirements for the review will dictate the time required to complete assessments and reports.

An initial consultation at 600 takes one full day and includes:

  • Detailed discussion of your requirements with the individual or team requesting the review.
  • Time spent in each department/area involved to gain an understanding of the business components and the time required to review each appropriately.
  • A proposal of works with associated cost breakdown (delivered within 1 week of the consultation date).


  • BSc Hons

    Management and Psychology 2002

  • A Levels

    Maths with Mechanics; Physics; Economics

Training & Certification

  • WSET - Level 3 Award in Wines (Distinction) - October 16

  • WSET - Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits (Distinction) - April 16

  • WSET - Level 1 Award in Wines - January 15

  • BTEC - Certificate in Management Studies

  • Air Traffic Controller's Licence
    • Aerodrome Control Visual Rating
    • Aerodrome Control Instrument (Tower) Rating
    • Approach Control Procedural Rating
    • Approach Control Surveillance (Radar) Rating
    • On the Job Training Instructor
    • Air Traffic Control Examiner


17 years experience in management roles progressing to senior leader level, all within safety critical business evironments. Team sizes ranging from 5 to 300.

  • Line Management
  • Safety Accountabilities
  • Business Targets & KPIs
  • Business Plan Author & Manager at departmental level
  • Risk Owner and Manager at corporate level
  • Budget Manager up to circa 3M
  • Crisis Team Manager
  • Security Focal Point for corporate centre


20 years experience in both operational and regulated college environments; delivering one to one live and simulator training from new trainee induction to unit validation and professional training for instructors and examiners. Experienced with new course design and introduction along with regulatory changes and improvements leading to increased pass rates in all areas of delivery.

  • New trainee controller recruitment and induction.
  • Regulated college course design, delivery and management.
  • Management of all disciplines of college training and teams.
  • Live operational training delivery and management (airports).
  • Live & simulated operational training management (enroute centre AC & TC).
  • Management of professional extension training programmes for NATS and external customer experienced controllers.
  • Consultant on design and implementation of new assessment processes for Heathrow ATC.

Business Continuity / Crisis Management

Developed new business continuity plan for NATS corporate centre of business integrating it with other site plans to create one plan/document. Created and rolled out training to NATS corporate site business continuity 'Silver Team' along with an annual training programme and design & delivery of two crisis management exercises per year.

Worked with R2 Risk & Resilience Ltd to design and deliver crisis management exercises in 2014 and 2015

  • Corporate Site Business Continuity Lead
  • Business Continuity Plan development
  • Business Continuity training design and delivery
  • Crisis Management exercise design & facilitation
  • Team member for design and delivery cross company
  • Business Risk Owner and Manager

Industrial Relations

9 years experience in the creation and nurture of excellent Trade Union relationships including training senior leadership teams cross company alongside TU representatives and executive committee members in good relationship practices ('Working Together').

  • Air Traffic Control Unit IR relationships
  • Working practice negotiations
  • 'Working Together' IR/Management Training Facilitator
  • National Agreement joint author and negotiator